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Kim Watson- You Have to Learn From the Best

UK based sound engineer Kim Watson has been a freelance audio engineer since 1999. Kim’s foray into live sound started with a love of music and desire to work in the music business. “I always knew I wanted to be in the music industry, I just never quite knew in what respect.”

Taking the world by storm, one tour at a time- Suzy Mucciarone

Suzy Mucciarone has been working for MSI for more than 12 years. Starting out as a stage tech, and moving on to co-systems and PA Fly tech on later tours, Suzy had the opportunity to work with people who she believes displayed the standards in audio and conduct that should be achieved on all...

Grace Royse – Rock & Roll Not a Pipe Dream

Rock and Roll was no ‘pipe dream’ for Grace Royse. Despite all of the discouragement from those around her and closest to her, Grace fought her way through to a touring career as a live mixer, never giving the negativity an ounce of energy.

Fleetwood Mac Tours with the Next Generation of Women in Audio

Hope Stuemke and Meg Tempio join the Fleetwood Mac audio crew...

Mudhoney Inspires Career in Sound

Christina Moon found herself at a Mudhoney show at Summer Nights at the Pier, and walked up to their soundman and asked him “What she had to do to be him?”

Sarah Welsh – It Runs in the Family

Sarah Welsh was born into the world of sound and at age thirteen is possibly the youngest girl working in audio.
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