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Lilla Stipp – Brazilian Live Sound Engineer

Lilla Stipp is an independent live sound engineer based in São Paulo, Brazil. Lilla works both as a FOH and Monitor Engineer. She is currently the monitor engineer for an artist called Urias, and is an engineer for the shows at Instituto Moreira Salles SP (Moreira Salles Institute in São Paulo). 

Sydney Bolton Live Sound Engineer, Production Manager and Translator

Sydney is a freelance live sound engineer working out of the great Northwest. Working in live sound since 2012 and works for the Showbox / Showbox SoDo, Morgan Sound, Carlson Audio Systems,  and The Triple Door. She will be heading out on the road this fall with Gaslight Anthem as their monitor engineer.

Taiya Cheng – Transforming Sound 

Taiya Cheng is a freelance Front of House (FOH) and Monitor Engineer. She grew up in Bangor, Maine, and was passionate about playing guitar with her high school bands and attending punk, hardcore, and metal shows. She remarked that these shows often sounded bad, and wondered how she could help change this. When it came...

Karla Barrera Mixing at Both Ends of the Snake

Karla Barrera has been working in live sound for over twelve years and got her start working at clubs throughout Los Angeles, as a house tech, including The Viper Room. She works for Launch, and Motion Audio, and tours as FOH and Monitor engineer and is currently touring with Mt. Joy as their monitor engineer. 

Chelsea Body – Foley Mixer & Editor

Chelsea Body is a freelance Foley Mixer and Editor, working primarily with Footsteps Foley and Formosa Group (Toronto). Chelsea has been working in Foley for seven years and became a freelance engineer five years ago. Currently, she can be found working among the Foley teams on critically acclaimed productions such as ‘Dune (2021)’, ‘Women Talking...

Emily Pearce – From the Marines to Live Sound Engineer

I wanted to be the pioneer of my own path that was free from so many arbitrary rules and included music. 

Sam Boone – Systems Engineer

Sam Boone has been working professionally in audio for just three years and is currently a freelance system engineer, completing her first tour with Volbeat in 2021. 

Greta Stromquist: Dialogue Editor and Associate Producer

Greta Stromquist: Dialogue Editor and Associate Producer

Kylie Grace Snyder – Forging her Own Path

Kylie Grace Snyder is a reformed singer-turned-audio and media engineer working on staff at the University of Michigan’s Duderstadt Center as Technical Lead for Media & Studio Arts. She loves building complex integrations between analog and digital systems, primarily in studios, and talking about her experiences as a trans woman.
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