“Since joining the Soundgirls community, I have only received encouragement, education, and a stronger knowledge of self-worth. SoundGirls is an organization where you are free to grow, learn, and push yourself to achieve your goals in audio and touring amongst like-minded peers. It has always encouraged diversity and pushed the needle towards achieving equality in the entertainment industry. SoundGirls personally has helped me find my tribe, and I have met some of the most determined, smart, and extraordinary women here who I’ve been fortunate to work alongside and also call my friends. I’m grateful a community like SoundGirls exists.”

Mary Broadbent 

I love that SoundGirls has made it accessible to be an emerging “sound girl” in my discipline for post-production sound. I started with being assigned a mentor in summer 2020, which inspired me to get involved with the Living History Project which has helped me to meet veteran post-sound designers I otherwise wouldn’t have access to. In the past year, I’ve landed my first network tv gig as an apprentice sound editor and joined Motion Picture Editors Guild. The SoundGirls network has been a major support group for my goals. 

Twi McCallum

I appreciate the organization you have created and it’s an amazing tool for all of us SoundGirls.

Sylvia Monge

Hey Karrie, I had a blast. After the tour of the Viper Room, I was so inspired and happy to see women of all walks of life running sound. I felt truly blessed to have that experience. You have created something so awesome for women!

Karla Barrera

Thank you for letting me have the most amazing experience with the Indigo Girls’ and the Jax Symphony tech crews. I will never go through an experience like it again. One person explained all about sound waves in a way that really made sense to me and about the wires onstage. Another person let me watch him set up a sound board and the computers used for it. A man told me all about the lights in a really technical way (I’m afraid I was not intelligent enough to understand it). Sully (the Indigo Girls guitar tech) told me about setting up guitars, plugs, and butterfly clips. All in all, this was an educational (but fun!) trip. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maggie Moore

Dear Michelle. We absolutely loved the Styx concert and meeting you on August 8 in Sioux Falls. Thank you so much for referring us to SoundGirls. As a parent of a young girl pursuing similar dreams, I found your story and the website to be SO supportive and encouraging. My daughter joined the organization just hours after hearing about it and she can’t stop thanking me for talking to you and the referral to the site. Your story about growing up was like reading Mollie’s story. I have a whole new perspective of the field and am greatly encouraged to hear about how happy and successful you are and we LOVED your advice to young women who have similar goals!!!!! Thank you, THANK you, THANK YOU for taking time to say hello to us in SD and inspiring girls like my daughter!!!!!!!!

Michelle from SD.

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