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Diversity and Inclusion Guidelines for Convention and Conference Policy Committees.


Women In The Mix: Producer & Engineering Inclusion Initiative

The Recording Academy Task Force on Inclusion and Diversity is announcing the first-ever industry-wide Producer and Engineering Inclusion Initiative. Together with prominent producers, labels, artists, agencies, management companies, and other stakeholders we’re making strides to create industry-wide change.

The Initiative asks that at least two women are identified and therefore considered as part of the selection process every time a music producer or engineer is hired. It also asks working producers to agree to take issues of gender diversity within music’s technical fields into account when deciding who to mentor and hire for further development.

JDoe is an App that lets you report sexual harassment

Sexual misconduct remains a difficult crisis for women and men. Fear, social blaming, and isolation continue to be key factors that cause victims to remain silent. JDoe is an encrypted and anonymous reporting platform. By linking victims of mutual offenders with lawyers. JDoe is designed with survivors and witnesses in mind. A detailed index of sexual misconduct laws by state is built directly into the app to help guide users through the reporting process. Quickly browse for nearby resources and the latest policies concerning sexual misconduct.


Works with Artists and Management, Industry Professionals, Venues, Festivals, Crews, and Fans to design sexual violence prevention campaigns  Programming includes fan volunteers at each show raising awareness about sexual violence and asking other fans to support the campaign; training before some or all of your shows for volunteers and venue staff; pre-show training with band + 25 fans in select cities; messaging from the stage and social media; partnerships with local rape crisis centers; text hotline; and more. Email Kim Warnick to discuss options.

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