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SoundGirls exists to provide a support network for women and non-binary people working in the professional audio industry and to assist those with a drive to be successful in audio. Women make up only 5% of the professional workforce in audio and music production. This profession thrives on word of mouth and networking. SoundGirls gives women working in the industry an opportunity to meet and network with other industry professionals, creating a strong support network.

Mission Statement

To inspire and empower the next generation of women in audio. Our mission is to create a supportive community for women in audio and music production, providing the tools, knowledge, and support to further their careers.


SoundGirls supports women working in professional audio and music production by highlighting their success and providing a place for them to connect, network, and share advice and experiences.

SoundGirls provides support, career development, and tools to help those working in the field advance in their career.

SoundGirls works to inspire and empower young women and girls to enter the world of professional audio and music production.

SoundGirls seeks to expand opportunities for girls and women in these fields and to share resources and knowledge through cooperation, collaboration, and diversity.

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Past Events

May 1st 2022

11:00am PDT

Documentary Sound Mixing in a War Zone

January 20th 2022

1:00pm PST

Writing and Recording for Sync - with MDIIO

December 4th 2021

12:00am PST

SoundGirls Virtual Conference

SoundGirls Chapters

SoundGirls has chapters around the world. Each chapter is locally run under the mission and vision of SoundGirls.