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Profiles of Women in Audio


Producer - Singer-Songwriter - Audio Engineer - Musician

SoundGirls Spotlight INEZ - Producer - Singer-Songwriter - Audio Engineer - Musician

Annie Elise

Producer - Artist

Location: Boston/NYC How did you become a producer/sound engineer? I initially went to music school to study violin performance, but halfway through my first semester I was diagnosed with focal […]

CK Barlow

Composer - Producer - Multi-Instrumentalist

SoundGirls Spotlight Emily Magpie Mastering Engineer

EveAnna Manley – Boss Lady, Owner, CEO, President, Typist!

EveAnna Manley has been manufacturing Pro Audio and audiophile vacuum tube gear since 1989. EveAnna would start at Vacuum Tube Logic of America, Inc., which would eventually split to form Manley Laboratories, Inc. in 1993.

Tina Morris – Studio Manager for The Village

Tina Morris has been working at The Village for the last 17 years, as the studio manager for the last 15 years, and has been working in audio for over 27 years. Tina shares with us her love of audio, her start in audio, and her career now.

Daychia Sledge – Sound Engineer and Designer

Daychia is an Audio Engineer mixing  Front of-House & Monitors for various artists and television networks including ABC DISNEY, NBC UNIVERSAL, and VIACOM.  She has been working in audio since 1995. She works as a freelance sound engineer in both live and recording arts. At ABC Tamron Hall Talk Show she is the current  FOH...

Starr McLaughlin – Monitor Engineer for Japanese Breakfast, Alex G, Jessie Murph

Starr McLaughlin is an industry gem, casting a bright light on everyone she encounters. With 10 years of experience under her belt, she’s garnered an impressive resumé that includes indie-rock sensation Japanese Breakfast, Alex G, and most recently Jessie Murph. She is also a cardholder of IATSE Local 917 and Local 8.

Ianina Canalis Specialist in Live Sound – Spatial Audio – Software Development – Education 

Ianina has been working for Meyer Sound for the last four years and has been working in audio for over 20 years. 

Christina Masha Milinusic – Sound Engineer and Audio Educator

Christina Masha Milinusic is a seasoned professional with 20 years of experience in Live Sound, Recording, Location Sound Recording, and Audio Education. As the owner of Unity Sound, Christina has contributed her expertise to various institutions, including the City of Calgary, the Calgary Stampede, the University of Calgary, the University of Lethbridge, Mount Royal University,...

Annlie Huang: Music Editor for Television & Mix Engineer

Annlie Huang is a Los Angeles-based music editor for streaming content at Marvel Studios and an independent mix engineer. She began her journey by obtaining a B.F.A. in Performing Arts Technology and a B.S. in Sound Engineering from the University of Michigan, and she has since become a consummate professional with vast experience ranging across...

Kia Shavon: The Mix Artist

Kia Shavon is an audio engineer whose extensive resume includes tracks by Foxy Brown, A$AP Rocky, Lil Pump, the NBA and NFL, and hundreds of indie artists. Professionally, she goes by The Mix Artist. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Music Engineering Technology from Hampton University, and now lives and mixes audio in NYC.

Ashley Lambert: Voice Director, Voiceover Artist, and Singer

Ashley Ann Lambert is an actor, vocalist, and partner with R.A.W. Voice Casting out of Los Angeles, CA. She describes herself as “passionate about sound and all of its forms.” In her role at R.A.W., she uses her well-trained ear for acoustic direction and sound mimicry to cast accurate sound-alikes, direct voiceover actors individually or...