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Lexi Jackson Music Licensing, Songwriting, and Production

Lexi Jackson is one of the most inspiring, generous, and vibrant musicians/audio people I’ve befriended online. She not only writes and produces music as eye.elle and creates playlists to feature other artists, but she is also forging a career in music licensing.

Lisa Machac: Founder of Omni Sound Project

Lisa Machac is a musician and entrepreneur based in Austin, Texas who, in February of 2020, founded the audio education platform Omni Sound Project. Through Omni’s virtual member mixers and other educational opportunities, she has brought together women+ artists, engineers, and producers from all over the globe while maintaining an essential intimate quality.

Caridad Espinosa: Creator of Mix Like a Girl

Caridad Espinosa is a Quito, Ecuador-based mix engineer and producer as well as founder and lead instructor of Mix Like a Girl and co-founder and coordinator of the Beats by Girlz chapter for the city in which she resides.

An Interview with Lebo Poen

I have also witnessed women alongside me who did not have the heart to keep pushing toward their dreams of creating albums or even going into specializing when it comes to sound engineering. They settled for "safer" jobs and changed careers. The discrimination was too much to handle. My heart cries out to them...

Lisa Kacos: Producer, Educator, and Musician

​ Lisa Kacos currently leads interactive online workshops such as the forthcoming Music Theory for Producers Workshop held April 30th through Omni Sound Project, where she is a core faculty member for 2022, as well as a popular Rhythm for Songwriters course. As a musician, she writes and records her own music and has played with...

Maria Grever: The Most Famous Unknown Person You Know

Around two years ago, I discovered Maria Grever. She was a Mexican composer whose career started around the early to late 20s and continued up until her death in 1951. If you google her, you will find the same impressive stats. She composed around 800 songs (some places say 1000). Not only contemporary songs for...

The Groundbreaking Feminine Power of Rock Icon Stevie Nicks

Culturally Stevie Nicks is an icon. Stevie’s music still tops the charts, years after the song's initial release. Her longstanding popularity shows Nicks has inspired many generations with her music. Her legendary status comes from her pioneering actions as one of the famous women in music and in rock n’ roll. Through her lyrics and...

Interview with Anna-Lee Craig, A2 for Hamilton on Broadway – Part 2!

Interview with Anna-Lee Craig (part two). ALC holds many impressive titles, even more, impressive when taken together. Among them are A2 for Hamilton on Broadway, inventor of the mic rig known as the “ALC Special,” and on top of all that, parent of twin toddlers!

Interview with Anna-Lee Craig, A2 for Hamilton on Broadway

Anna-Lee Craig, A2 for Hamilton on Broadway
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