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Annie Elise

Producer - Artist


Accepting Applications for SoundGirls Bloggers 2023

Now accepting applications for SoundGirls Bloggers for 2022

Mixing Music Live Course Discount

MixingMusicLive.com offers online video courses where you’ll learn the fundamentals of live sound with Mixing Music Live and real-world techniques for creating great-sounding mixes with LISTEN! SoundGirls members receive a 50% discount email us for the discount soundgirls@soundgirls.org

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Accepting Applications for SoundGirls Bloggers 2023

Now accepting applications for SoundGirls Bloggers for 2022

SoundGirls L-Acoustics Grants 2022 

L-ACOUSTICS has revolutionized the Pro Audio industry with its legendary Line Source Systems. For the past two decades, L-ACOUSTICS has developed a reputation for creating innovative solutions to the most demanding sound reinforcement requirements. Commitment to the scientific method and product innovation have been our philosophies from the outset.

Live System Engineering Shadowing Opportunity

Systems Engineer Michael Lawrence is accepting applications from members of SoundGirls to shadow him on his upcoming tour in August - September.

Women in the Music Industry Survey

No matter where you are in your career, whether you’re still in school, just getting started, or are a veteran of the industry, your response is important. Sharing your experiences and how you’ve dealt with issues and situations, what worked and what didn’t will help those who may be faced with similar situations and in need of tools for dealing with them.

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Jin, Jiyan, Azadi

As an active feminist and member of the LGBTQIA+ community, these things that are generally seen as outside of the arts are for me fundamental and are expressed through...

The Future is Spatial

You read that title correctly, the future is spatial ( and binaural ) audio. Here’s why! 

Tips For Indie Artists Outside Major Music Cities

If you’re a developing independent artist who either by choice or by chance lives in a small town or outside the likes of Los Angeles, New York, or Nashville,...

Designing With Vocals: Part Two

I love using vocals to add effects and elements to my productions, and I’ve found that I’m really developing my own skills as a producer as I search for...

Mid-Side: The Perfect Microphone Rig for Podcasts & Radio

Recording with the mid-side technique in the field is a serious consideration because it is an easy way to create immersion for your podcast. Try it on your next...

The Sound of “Silence”

Did you know that not all silence or room tones are made equal? While I would never advocate listening to things loudly, you do need to make sure you...

Who We Are

SoundGirls was established to provide women working in professional audio a community to come to for support and advice, and for empowerment and inspiration.

Since its founding, SoundGirls has grown into an international organization with over 6,000 members and chapters worldwide. We provide scholarships, mentorships, job placement, business development, and workshops. We firmly believe in “You Can’t Be What You Can’t See” and feature a monthly profile on Women in Audio as well as monthly bloggers that share their experiences and expertise.

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The EQUAL Directory seeks to bring the industry towards gender parity by uplifting and promoting the work of women and gender nonconforming people.

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We have chapters around the world, each one run locally under the mission and vision of SoundGirls. Mentoring is available for Members.

The Living History Project

A collection of interviews with audio industry veterans, the Living Listory Project seeks to highlight the careers and achievements of women and underrepresented groups in audio.