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Angela Sheik

Artist - Producer - Composer - Executive Manager of the Guild of Music Supervisors


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Resources for Research on Women and Non-Binary People in Audio

Resources for those conducting research on women and non-binary people in the audio industry.

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Virtual Conference Video Pass Now Available

Educating and Inspiring the Next Generation in Audio Two Days of Sessions in Post-Production, Live Sound, Recording Arts, Film & TV Sound, Broadcast and More. Over 70 Video Sessions to watch on-demand forever. $60

Hit Like A Girl And SoundGirls Team Up To Promote Music Education And Expansion.

Hit Like A Girl and SoundGirls, leading organizations in the effort to grow the music community for girls, women, and non-binary and trans people have announced a new collaboration that will add impact to Hit Like A Girl X, the 10th annual edition of the groundbreaking contest for women drummers and beatmakers.

SoundGirls and SoundGym

Free subscriptions for members of SoundGirls

Volunteers Needed

Nothing gets done by one person alone, which means we have to band together to make the changes we want to see in the world. Volunteerism has indeed been the fuel […]

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The internet is full of songwriters asking the question; how good does my demo have to be? The answer is always, “it depends”. Demos generally have one purpose; to...

Designing Cinematic Style Sound Effects with Gravity

Gravity is an incredible, extensively customizable virtual instrument designed predominantly for use in modern scoring.

Interview with Anna-Lee Craig, A2 for Hamilton on Broadway – Part 2!

Interview with Anna-Lee Craig (part two). ALC holds many impressive titles, even more, impressive when taken together. Among them are A2 for Hamilton on Broadway, inventor of the mic...

Garam Anday and Pakistan’s Emerging Feminist Punk Scene 

Feminist rock has been a new type of protest that has emerged in Pakistan political movements. Garam Anday, Hot Eggs, is a feminist Rock band that has been gaining...

Who We Are

SoundGirls was established to provide women working in professional audio a community to come to for support and advice, and for empowerment and inspiration.

Since its founding, SoundGirls has grown into an international organization with over 6,000 members and chapters worldwide. We provide scholarships, mentorships, job placement, business development, and workshops. We firmly believe in “You Can’t Be What You Can’t See” and feature a monthly profile on Women in Audio as well as monthly bloggers that share their experiences and expertise.

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We speak to audio professionals from all walks of life, to learn how we can better support one another towards a more diversified industry.


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The EQUAL Directory seeks to bring the industry towards gender parity by uplifting and promoting the work of women and gender nonconforming people.

SoundGirls Chapters & Mentoring

We have chapters around the world, each one run locally under the mission and vision of SoundGirls. Mentoring is available for Members.

The Living History Project

A collection of interviews with audio industry veterans, the Living Listory Project seeks to highlight the careers and achievements of women and underrepresented groups in audio.