When We Lose Momentum 


When we lose momentum many of us feel stuck. Trapped. Feeling as if one cannot progress to their next destination in life. Many of us felt this way throughout this year. I had my first tour gig in January 2020, only eight weeks later I was handed a blank schedule due to COVID. During that time, many audio engineers, techs, and entertainment industry workers became angry. Some of us still are.

Many like myself began thinking of career path changes, going back to school, and other steps to progress and cope with the given circumstances. I started working in an office job as an assistant. I am grateful I have work, but I am healthy-dissatisfied with my work because I know it is not my passion. David Neagle’s The Successful Mind Podcast defines healthy-dissatisfaction as, “Dissatisfaction with the status quo drives innovation in two ways. It helps find new ways to do things, spurring creativity. And, dissatisfaction with the status quo provides the will to persevere. Restlessness is an invaluable human change driver. So, next time you feel dissatisfied with the way things are, embrace that feeling. It might be the most important motivator to change with purpose.” We have to embrace those feelings of dissatisfaction in order to progress and continue moving in life without losing momentum.

This is all easier said than done, to continue my momentum, I started back to basics. Eat. Sleep. Exercise. When we take care of ourselves and attend to self-care, we are able to think clearly, focus on our life purpose/goals, and put first things first. When you feel as if you lost momentum, reflect and ask yourself these questions:

“What do I desire in my life?”

“What is my dream job/career goal?” “What are the necessary steps I need to take to accomplish my goal?”

“What does success for me look like?”

Many creatives like ourselves experience self-doubt, fear, and anxiety. Holding on to these feelings will only put you into a darker hole. By continuing to move forward, keeping momentum, staying positive, getting back to basics (eat, sleep, and exercise) one can accomplish each and anything we put our minds to. We have to remind ourselves, never to lose sight of our goals, passion, and desires. Whether it is a small bump in the road or a major detour to our destinations, we must learn to enjoy the journey


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