The Five Percent

Profiles of Women in Audio

The Ground Breakers

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High Tech Gypsy – Amy Powelson

Amy Powelson goes where the work is and where the wind blows, working in professional audio for over 20 years. Amy most commonly works as a FOH engineer for corporate and broadcast events, and as a monitor engineer on festivals.

Teaching the Next Generation: Barbara Adams

Barbara Adams has a full plate. Not only is she the Full time House Engineer at Tin Angel- a listening room in Philadelphia, part time engineer at World Cafe Live, also in Phili.,

Leslie Ann Jones- Having the Courage to Raise Your Hand

Multiple Grammy winning Recording Engineer Leslie Ann Jones is a true trailblazer. A most respected and revered engineer among her peers with a career spanning decades, Leslie has had the pleasure of working with many incredibly talented artists PART 1...

Claudia Engelhart – Attention to Detail

Claudia Engelhart has been working in live sound for the last 30 Years. Raised by artists and musicians in Berkeley, CA, Claudia began her live sound career at the legendary jazz room Keystone Korner in San Francisco.

Kathy Sander- The First of the Five Percent

Kathy Sander was one of the first women sound technicians on tour. She did her first tour in 1974, Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and went on to be the first women, audio technician, on tour with Clair Bros.
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