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I’ve written about podcasts before. Listening to them. Producing them. Presenting them. They remain one of my favourite mediums of entertainment and education. I’m also running out of audio topics to expand upon! So, this month I decided to write up some mini-reviews of new podcasts I have discovered. Some I have completed and listened to in full, some I am binging at the moment and others I haven’t even started yet and are on my ‘Listen to’ list.

I Shouldn’t Say This…But


This is presented by Katy Leeson, Managing Director of Social Chain UK. I found it through Steven Bartlett’s podcast (Diary of a CEO). It is very raw, natural, and unedited. Well, it is at the moment, I am still on December 2018 episodes, to be honest. I have about 40 to listen to which is great. They vary in length but are relatively short (30 – 40 minutes) and easily digestible. There is also a producer (Dodds) that vocalises his opinions and adds value with his ‘devil’s advocate’ comments. Topics about personal emotions, professional struggles, and taboo subjects are covered each week.

Teenage Mixtape

This is hosted by Joel Dommett (comedian and presenter) and Steve Dunne (comedian). They are childhood best friends which makes the podcast flow easily, their conversation is friendly and not forced. The guests are often male British comedians (Iain Stirling, Rhys James). Most likely their close friends and colleagues which makes the vibe very funny and comfortable. The structure is asking certain questions around music, for example, first album you bought? A song that reminds you of a teenage crush? This results in creating a 10 – 12 song mixtape. It often reminds you of classics you may have forgotten about.

Dear Joan & Jerika

This was recommended by a colleague of mine. It. Is. Epic. I was warned how “near the knuckle” and controversial it was. But it is hilarious. I don’t know the actors/presenters but they are incredibly talented. (Update! Upon searching for the thumbnail image, I have realised I do know Julia Davis, from Gavin and Stacey). Highly recommend this podcast to anyone that also loves ‘My Dad Wrote A Porno’.

Doing It! with Hannah Witton

I have followed Hannah’s YouTube channel for many years, therefore, it was likely that I would enjoy her podcast. She broaches topics including sex, relationships, feminism, sexuality, and pregnancy. Her guests are diverse, interesting and have a huge amount of expertise. Any young woman that wants to learn more about their body should listen.

This Might Get Weird

A long-term YouTube duo. Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart. Comedians, actors, presenters, and social media creators. They’ve done it all. They have managed to create a hilarious podcast merely discussing the weirdest moments of their week. You would think there couldn’t possibly be that many but you would be wrong. These women are hard-working and dedicated to their loyal audience and deserve a TV show eventually.

There are so many more podcasts I want to listen to including:

Call Your Girlfriend

And The Writer Is…with Ross Golan

Phil Taggart’s Slacker Podcast

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink

What are you listening to right now?

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