Goodbye for now!


This will sadly be my final blog. Thank you to anyone that has read, responded, or contacted me through my radio channels and email. I have written for many different publications throughout my time at school, uni and now working life. I’ve always wanted to blog but knew I would never keep it up if I ventured it on my own, ie. starting my own site or YouTube channel for that matter. Being held accountable to such an inspiring team has made it easy to feel motivated and willing to write for readers each month as well as everyone else that contributes. I am proud to have been part of such a fun project!

I have always incorporated music and blogging into my academic life. My dissertation included lots of audio interviews and links out to my Soundcloud and Mixcloud pages. I also still have my BBC recording equipment ready for when I next feel inspired to create a podcast. We are all probably looking forward to listening to more music as the nights get cooler and cozy nights in are the way forward. Even blogging as a whole in the industry has been making a relative comeback, across beauty, music, tech and everything in-between! We are also seeing a new podcast launch every minute which can only be a good thing.

The lack of live music at the moment can at least be replaced creatively by musicians going live on Instagram or YouTube, interacting with viewers, and making sure their music lives on. I was lucky enough to attend the outdoor venue in Newcastle earlier in the year to see ABBA and Beatles tribute acts which was so much fun. I do hope outdoor, spaced-out, less crowded venues are the way forward. The industry now needs to look at new ways to be seen, whether that be on social media platforms or back to old school via newspapers and magazines, it will always be an area that is growing as people look for more forms of entertainment.

I know I currently have endless lists of TV shows and films to watch as well as classic albums and new podcasts. As long as we keep creating, we keep listening! Best of luck to everyone for 2021, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you on another blog somewhere in the future most likely.

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