Find a Side Hustle


The weeks may be dragging, the weeks may be absolutely flying by. Everything is the same yet everything is different. For everyone! One day it’s all fun and games, others it can seem too overwhelming to stay on top of anything. My plan every weekend for the past few weeks (months) has been to do email outreach for my podcast but life easily finds a way to get in the way!

I find that keeping a diary/agenda, as well as a daily journal and reminders on my phone calendar really makes a difference. Taking each week, one week at a time is also a good way to get through a to-do list that has always seemed never-ending and provides no motivational pull whatsoever. I have also planned to read two books a month, which I am top of at the moment by literally putting in calendar reminders to read! It is so easy to watch TV or be on my phone instead, but I am trying my best to read even just a little bit every night. In general, doing one tiny thing a day that leads towards making something out of your potential side hustle can make a difference.

On another note, I have become obsessed with a songwriting podcast called ‘And The Writer Is…’. It had been on my list for so long due to the Instagram shout-out from Alice Levine at BBC Radio 1, but it has been well worth the wait! I am currently still bingeing the 2017 episodes and have decided that songwriting will be my new venture. My Dad is an unexpected poet, perhaps I can make a move into songwriting? It is a fascinating industry, there is so much to know and learn and I feel like it is such an undercover movement that you wouldn’t know about it unless you were in it.

My plan is to first binge this podcast, then get writing, one song a day is what they recommend, then start on the cold call email reach outs and then see what happens! I will keep you updated. Who knows what could happen.

Best of luck to all your side hustles. Keep going, stay invested, and always try out new ideas! Creativity is the future.

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