Launching Content 

In 2019, most people can class themselves as a content creator. Whether you post pictures on Instagram, are in a band or write poetry in your spare time, you’re creating content. The more difficult part is getting people to notice (if that’s what you want to do of course).

As I have come towards the end of the BBC New Creatives scheme, myself and the team are planning how to promote the audio piece and which platforms it will sit best on. The piece is a five-minute clip of my Dad reading out his poems, snippets of family conversations, and me reading out emails and letters my Dad has written to me over the years.

I will most likely put the “podcast”/audio piece on SoundCloud, where I first started posting commentary with friends on my Dad’s poems throughout university:

I then hope to post a relevant image of my parents on my Instagram page, along with a clip of the audio and subtitles for the dialogue. I haven’t figured out how to do this yet, but I will do! I will also post on my Facebook page that was dedicated to my tri-lingual student radio show and now is used for any media updates and opportunities through my work.

I will place a link on my website to my SoundCloud. I, unfortunately, will not be able to post on Mixcloud as the audio piece is too short. I will make sure to tag everyone that has been involved, from BBC New Creatives, Naked Productions, Tyneside Cinema, Arts Council England, and BBC Arts. I will post on LinkedIn too at some point and add to my profile.

This blog has also been such a great way to document the process! I hope to be able to continue talking about my side projects and creative endeavours. The final workshop in Newcastle for BBC New Creatives was a great way to see and listen to all the work created by different participants. It was so inspiring to see how experimental and inventive everyone had been.

I can’t wait to see the journey of all the different projects!

Check out the link here to all the projects:

One issue has been the name of my podcast; we’re still working on that one and will have it confirmed soon hopefully!


Tri-lingual radio show (Sobremesa):

Sobremesa Facebook page:

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