With Change

I hear the jingling from my coat pocket. It hits my plastic credit card and lining the soft interior of the coat, the coins bounce about unaware that they are the last of my savings.  These spare coins survived the move from New York to Philadelphia, renting out a new apartment, groceries, and frankly a giant array of activities that I can only describe as a blur.

Yet here I am, still able to write from you from my new corner of the world. I was always told growing up that with change comes responsibility – a responsibility I did not understand until I left home.

I’d like to take some time to recognize this new start, I have a strong feeling I’m not the only one to jump headfirst into adulting and not know what the h-double-hockey-sticks I’m doing.

What Exactly is “Adulting”

Does anyone really know? Is it the responsibility of caring for a child or the responsibility of paying your bills or having credit or knowing what the hell are mortgages? Does it mean to be legally entitled to your shortcomings or your crimes? Doesn’t it mean you are exempt from certain privileges that children may have or teenagers for that matter? Or maybe adulting is just a word we give to describe our age.

If you are waiting for an answer or my thoughts I don’t have any. Maybe that is the answer, I’m still growing and I’m of the belief that so is everyone. There are people that have their life together same as the people that aren’t, people who are still figuring it out, and people that are somewhere in the middle.

Maybe adulting means growing

If that’s even a fraction of what adulting means, I think I’m doing a good job of it. This year even if it’s small come up with something you look to aspire to.

I know Covid still hanging out sucks, but life needs to continue- even if it means we have to dust off work boots and rusty people skills- next month we’ll get to the meat and potatoes of some tech, and a brief history that is sure to put a smile on any musical theatre techies out there.

Until then I guess we’ll all have to keep adulting, with or without change.

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