Superbia_ Will it Happen?

Superbia – set in a world where people are devoid of emotions and glued to their TV screens, one man “defected” as having emotions finds a music box that may have the power to bring change.

Seeing as you clicked your way onto this article let me give you the short answer: it is definitely possible, but as of this minute I don’t see it being produced. So the straight answer, for now, is, well, no.

Now if you want to stick around for the long answer, get comfy! Maybe see about a cup of coffee or some herbal teas – comfortable? Great!

Jonathan Larson is one of the most influential individuals in my music journey. I can vividly remember a younger Kim watching RENT on DVD every weekend, by six I had practically had Maureen’s lines verbatim. He drew from the raw realities of the human condition and our lives and yet shared such a positive message, yet his time was so short, He would die just as RENT was opening in 1996 due to an aortic aneurysm at the age of 35.

To get Superbia released you would need to get permissions from various sources, but most importantly the Larson family, and say you got the permissions much of the script would need to be reworked, So while it is possible it isn’t happening right now as of the publishing of this article.

If you ask my opinion, anything John Larson will be a success. Take the relatively-recent Netflix movie musical Tick Tick Boom. Directed by Lin Manuel Miranda and written by Larson it follows John’s journey and eventual rejection of Superbia, along the journey we meet friend Michael and John’s girlfriend, Susan. The movie is based on the reworked version of the original 1991 performance performed by none other than Johnathan Larson himself. The 2021 movie is generating traffic, people are curious about Superbia, and despite a couple of songs you can find on Youtube not much is out there. You could request access to the workshop recording in the Library of Congress, but not everyone can just go and do that for various reasons. So what’s the option here?

It has been over 25 years since the death of Larson. He has impacted hundreds, possibly thousands of lives. I don’t want to live with regret by not saying what I think needs to be said, all of Larson’s work should be released in some format. RENT and Tick Tick Boom had their chance in the sunlight, and while I’m not naive to the fact that Superbia may need work – I think it is worth it… if we give it the chance it deserves.

If you agree with me, tell people Johnathan Larson’s story. Have them watch RENT and Tick Tick Boom, tell them about Superbia. The more people know that Superbia is real and are interested to see and hear more the better.

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