Interview with Doug Sax of The Mastering Lab

Doug Sax

Doug Sax

Doug Sax has played an integral role in the Art of Mastering. Founding The Mastering Lab, the first independent mastering studio in 1967. Through the years Doug has worked with acclaimed artists such as Pink Floyd, The Who, James Taylor and many more.

Doug has received the AES Lifetime Honorary Membership award and received a Technical Achievement Grammy Award.

Learn more about Doug Sax and The Mastering Lab and check out the mastering of Dark Side of the Moon as Doug Sax Takes Us To The Dark Side.

SoundGirls.Org was lucky to be able to talk with Doug about The Art of Mastering and his assistant mastering engineer and SG member Jett Galindo.
SG:  What skills and experience were you looking for your mastering assistant?

Doug: Number one, an excellent understanding and ability to handle any digital work station, digital files in all formats, and signal flow.

SG:  What stood out about Jett, when deciding to hire her?

Doug: The unequivocal recommendation of all that have worked with her. Her musical knowledge is a large plus for the editing she is required to perform.

SG: She has been working for you going on a year now, how much has she grown in her capabilities?

Doug: She has grown enormously. I think she is a little surprised how very detailed and sometimes complex the position can be. She has much more knowledge now, and more to come.

SG: What has Jett brought to the Mastering Lab?

Doug: She has brought herself, a radiance that makes all who come in contact somehow become her buddy. She can work with any client and any employee. Her understanding of graphics has transformed our website.

SG:  What type of formal education or experience would you recommend for those that would like to go into mastering?

Doug: I always advise anyone interested to seek another industry. The music industry is changing daily, and many of the best engineers are scuffling to make ends meet. That is not an ideal scenario for someone making a career choice. Jett’s true fondness of the mastering part of our business; essentially the last chance to make any changes to the recording, is a big plus for her. She truly enjoys the process, and we will be helping her understand that process as time goes on.
SoundGirls.Org would like to thank Doug and the Mastering Lab for time they have generously given to us.

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