Five Tips for Spicing up your Audio – Music Career

A lot of the time we think that joy and satisfaction need to come from an external source. They need to come to us from something we experience or from something that lands on our laps…

But I think that some of the most rewarding experiences come from the ones we create.

So, you’ve been feeling a bit down? Perhaps stuck in mundane cycles that leave you feeling demotivated and bored?

Why not look at these five tips to help “spice up” your audio career? Trying just one of them with the intention of creating your own bliss, may very well add to your sense of joy, accomplishment, and overall satisfaction.


We get so used to working on our own, stuck behind a laptop in our office or studio. These days it’s even more so with isolation and virtual experiences becoming the norm after Covid-19.

Something that can be super encouraging is to work with others.

Now, it’s a male-dominated industry, which means you will mostly be working with men on collaborative projects.

But what if you were to reach out to women? Perhaps even someone you don’t know?

Find a fellow lady on one of the SoundGirls pages or another community you are a part of.

It could be someone in your area or even across the globe. See how you might be able to work together and support each other.

Perhaps it won’t take immediate effect, but the next time she is looking for an extra set of hands-on a project or someone she can connect with for support, she’s more likely to reach out to you because you put in the effort to build a relationship.

Make yourself known and be open to simply networking. You never know what projects you may stumble across and what lasting friendships you might be able to build.

Work on passion projects

This can be done alone or with others (it’s more fun when you do it with others!).

You may find yourself feeling frustrated at the fact that your job mostly comprises of removing “um’s and ah’s” from a podcast episode on fitness, or that the bathroom tile advert you worked on felt like a chore rather than something you could enjoy.

So why not get yourself out there to create something that brings you joy? 

Whether it’s working with an artist to record a song or collaborating with a videographer to do a cool short film.

Do something creative, after all, that’s what drew you to this industry in the first place!

If you deny your creative self in this industry you will most definitely find yourself frustrated and questioning why you do what you do.

Learn new stuff

Whether you are doing a course, reading a book, or watching YouTube tutorials, expanding your knowledge and creative abilities can feel super rewarding. If you’re not sure what to learn, try finding something that inspired you.

For example, Blade Runner 2049 had some incredible SFX. If that blew your mind as much as it did mine, why not go teach yourself how to creatively apply yourself in the same way?

Find out what methods were used, how they created what they did, and work on a project where you can apply yourself in a similar way. Achieving things that inspire you will bring a sense of fulfillment, and potentially be a great addition to your portfolio!

Get out of your comfort zone

This one is huge!

You can’t expect to experience new things if you aren’t willing to move away from your routines.

Getting out of your comfort zone could look like taking on a project you’re terrified of, and learning on the job. It could look like changing the space you work in for a day, getting to bed at an earlier hour, or even working with someone you don’t know.

Perhaps it’s a chance for you to expand yourself creatively. Trying new things can only result in two outcomes.

Firstly, failing and learning from your experience.

Second, succeeding and learning from your experience.

Either way, you are moving into an unknown space which increases your chances of new experiences, new people, new ideas, and new learning curves.

Take a break

We can get so bogged down by deadlines, that we forget what life feels like outside of work.

Intentionally creating time and space to remove yourself completely from your workspace is a fundamental element of overall work-life balance and feelings of satiation.

If you don’t make time for rest and recuperation, your mind can become cluttered and fatigued.

Creativity needs space. It needs room to stretch and play. 

If your mind is filled with cobwebs, you are not only diminishing your chances of feeling more joy, but you are also suffocating your creative self.

With these 5 tips in mind, which do you feel resonates with you most? How will you integrate one or more of these into your day, week, or month?

I challenge you to try the one that feels the most daunting to you because you never grow if you don’t try.

Until next time,

Kirsten xoxo

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