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Kirsten is a musician and audio engineer, having studied at Abbey Road Institute, Johannesburg she now spends her time doing freelance work as a music producer, songwriter, and location sound recordist. She plays the trumpet, sings, and fiddles around a bit with keys and guitar. She has played on many South African festival stages such as Zakifo Festival, Splashy Fen, Outlander Festival, and Fete de la Musique and recorded on albums with artists such as Freddy L, Red Robyn, Michael Wagner, and Rob Davidson (The Parlotones). She is also a mental health coach and has started a company called “Good Chat” which aims to help individuals in the creative industry with everyday personal challenges through online coaching. You can find her on Instagram at @hunneyball_

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In life, you must be intentional about where you insert your stillness, your silence. You must create space for the notes...
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