Being Bilingual Does Not Always Work

By Andrea Arenas / Collaborated by Vanessa Montilla

It is possible that you have done several language courses. However, nothing prepares you to work day-to-day as a sound engineer, if you are on tour in a country where a language other than your native language is spoken. It is likely that no matter how many courses you do, you have not been taught how to “comb the wires” (slang for ¨Untangle the wires¨ in Spanish), and many words of technical, and even everyday jargon.

That is why I have decided to make a small glossary of objects commonly used in audio but that you may not find in any book of system design or recording techniques, and that therefore you are not accustomed to using in a language other than of yours. I hope it is useful for you and that we can also complete it in different languages.





Electricidad / Electrics

Herramientas / Tools / Gadgets

Artículos de oficina / Office supplies

Acciones / Actions

Instrumentos musicales / Musical instruments

Medidas / Mesurements

1.5m 5 feet
3m 10 feet
7.6m 25 feet
15m 50 feet
30m 100 feet
50m 165 feet
100m 330 feet
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