The Secret to Being a Woman on the Road


The secret is there is no secret

If you want to tour or you want a career in this industry, you can and will make it happen. Dive in, work hard, prove you deserve every opportunity, and get the job you want.   Then once you get there remember:

You don’t owe anyone a thing.  You’ve gotten where you are with hard work, determination, and dedication. As women in these fields, we are often highly skilled and overly qualified for our jobs because we’ve had to prove it over and over again due to the bias in the industry.  You do not owe anyone around you justification for your accomplishments; it was your hard work that got you where you are today. Do not let someone’s negative energy, jealousy, or anger get you down. You’ve achieved a lot! Carry yourself with confidence.

Set your ego aside

When other women see you in your role, they’ll likely envy you and want to reach the goals you’ve already achieved. Help them, talk with them, share your story, and, most of all, support them. At some point in your career, you likely met someone you looked up to who helped you reach your dreams. Be that person for someone else.


Invest in yourself and in others around you. Build the environment you wanted when you started so others can get even more of a jump start. As women continue to break the barrier, let’s leave an easier path for those to follow than we had. Invest in the next generation just as those before you did for you.

Be kind

Sometimes we can get jaded as we continue to fight our fight each day. Resulting in taking our frustrations out on the wrong people.  Try to close the door of frustration and anger nightly to be able to start each day with a new perspective. Perspective is tremendous, try to see it from the other side before you act.  Grace and forgiveness will get you so much farther than anger and hate. Some people may take advantage of your kindness along the way, but it will get you farther in the long run.


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