10 Ways to Stay Occupied During Covid -19 

At this point, I think the Covid-19 restrictions and limits on a majority of our careers is setting in along with fatigue to dealing with it all.  Here are some suggestions to beat the Covid blues.

Hit up a classic – a little refresher never hurts

Read for the first time or read again the Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook this book is the first of its kind regarding design and using systems in all types of environments.

For another classic consider the Backstage Handbook: An Illustrated Almanac of Technical Information.

Check out Books Available for SoundGirls to Check Out for Free

Learn a new hobby

Become a grill master, change the oil on your car, hike up that mountain, or explore a park in your neighborhood you’ve never been in before.  I’ve found it’s been fun to explore around my area by geocaching.


Yes, it is ok to just rest. There’s a lot going on and we all react to it differently. It is ok to rest, sleep, watch movies and veg.

Find something to laugh at

Since we’re all randomly browsing the internet more frequently these days, we’re discovering a few more things. I’ve been watching videos from the following folks. They provide a little comedy each week.  Dude Dad, The Holderness Family, Charlie Berens


Be it at a social distance location or a zoom call; connect with people you haven’t in a long time. Community is important, keep yours strong and connect with folks on a regular basis.

Try that recipe

That one on your long-lost Pinterest page – I personally recommend this Jack Daniels Boozy Fudge Recipe. The best way to eat your booze too!

Pick up that old hobby

You left behind – Find that old camera again, get that bicycle out of the closet, turn on the sewing machine in the corner. For me, I’ll be picking up my camera again.  Normally I’m an avid photographer when I travel, but since that won’t be happening anytime soon it’s time to take more of a local approach.


Find a place to volunteer. A homeless shelter, food pantry, community clean-up crew, or even Mentoring with Soundgirls!  There are so many options. Volunteering is a great way to give back and feel fulfilled at the same time.

Continue learning your craft

Many places still have free resources for learning and 30-day trials.  Check out the education resources from Soundgirls here or try out Vectorworks for 30 days free here.

Rock out to some good music

You miss it, you know you do. I do. Turn on your favorite album and crank it up. It’s therapeutic I promise.

Here are some of my favorites.  Cold War Kids, BlueBiird, Nothing but Thieves

I wish you the best as we continue to move through these times! Share in the comments what you’re doing to stay occupied.


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