SoundGirls Spotlight

Natalia Ramirez

Vocal Engineer

Hear Their Career

Miami, FL

How did you become a producer/sound engineer?
Music has always been a part of my life. I started taking music lessons when I was a toddler and played the violin for several years until I realized I would much rather prefer to support my lifetime passion from behind the scenes. I knew I couldn’t live a life without music so I made the best decision of my life: going to school to pursue a career as an audio engineer!

What advice would you give students either going into school or just graduating about getting a job in this industry?
Don’t be afraid to try and always follow your intuition. These two things will help you find what makes you unique in the industry. There are going to be many challenging times, but with hard work and passion, your personal accomplishments along the way will be worthwhile.

What are the major qualities required to be a good sound engineer in your opinion?
To be open-minded and to listen. As audio engineers, we typically tend to narrow everything to the technical aspect, but it’s essential to keep in mind that we’re dealing with the artistic component as well. That other side is not always rational (as you know…), but it focuses on the emotions and feelings, so open your mind and listen to the artist and what they want to make their audience feel. That communication is the key.

What is your recording/producing philosophy?
If it doesn’t make you feel something then it’s not a good job.

What producers/engineers inspire/inspired you?
Definitely Quincy Jones, Tommy Brown, and of course my dear friend and mentor Julio Reyes Copello.

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