SoundGirls Spotlight

Juliet Lyons

Recording Artist - Composer

Hear Their Career

Los Angeles, CA

How did you become a producer/sound engineer?
I learned from producer/engineer friends, and watched a lot of youtube tutorials!

What advice would you give students either going into school or just graduating about getting a job in this industry?
Get out, meet people, and cultivate true friendships (not just saying, “listen to my music!”). The music industry is about relationships, but it also just makes the journey more meaningful and fulfilling.

What are the major qualities required to be a good sound engineer in your opinion?
Creating a really clean mix. And in terms of production, finding sounds and samples that sound current or even better, timeless.

What is your recording/producing philosophy?
A/B it! Make sure your track’s production and mixing are up to par with what’s getting used/what’s charting. If it is, I’m good to go. If I’m not the person to take it there, I have no shame in taking my music to someone who can. It’s not a hobby, and excellence is the priority.

What producers/engineers inspire/inspired you?
My girl CK Barlow, the other half (and producer) of our band project – Famous to Silence. And a ton of other friends, too many to name here.

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