Keeping Healthy on the Road

There are so many ways in which homeopathy is an excellent modality to reach for when you’re on the road.  For one thing, it’s great for first aid and acutes, and it works on the emotional state as well as the body and is truly holistic, safe and has no side effects.

I first got into homeopathy when I had post-partum depression which was cured in a week – completely and never returned.  I then used it on my baby and toddler and saw its incredible power in treating bumps, bruises, tummy upsets, etc.  From there I went on to train, and for the last 20 years, I’ve been advising people on chronic pain, period issues, fertility, asthma, eczema, allergies, autoimmune illness and more.

Homeopathy is a helpful treatment for anxiety around travel, leaving family and friends, road safety (including fear of flying), hazards at work, food poisoning and other bugs, travel sickness, and jet lag.

There have been so many extraordinary occurrences to throw in the mix this past year or two that I decided to make some graphics to help people deal with and process.  Including wildfires and weather-related disasters, anxiety around safety and security in and around venues, and PTSD.

Check out more charts on my Facebook Page page. Take the remedy you choose ONE time (2 pellets under your tongue) to see if it helps.  Don’t repeat unless you relapse – unlike what it says on the tube.

Before hitting the road:

Work with someone on maximizing your nutrition – it starts there.  A homeopath can help you see what is making you worse and better and you can go from that baseline and then build.  Making sure you’re hydrated is an obvious one but you may not know how different environments and foods benefit or deplete you.

Check your mental and emotional health.  Are you feeling positive more of the time than not?  Are you feeling anxious, lacking joy, just going through the motions, panicking?  Homeopathy can help you with anxiety and other mental and emotional issues.  If the charts don’t suggest a remedy that works for you, then contact a professional homeopath.

On the Road:

Fear of Flying

Aconite 30c – panic comes on suddenly with fear of death
Arg Nit 30c– picturing the horrible things that will happen in advance of traveling. With loose bowels.
Arsenicum Album 30c – anxiety with restless agitation and trying to control everything.

Jet Lag

Arnica 200c one dose on the day of.  Once you’re on the plane put 5 pellets of Arnica into a 16 oz water bottle and shake and take a capful every hour or so (this also stops that horrible swelling that happens on long-haul travel)
Arnica 200c and also add in Cocculus 30c – on arrival.  This is great for west to east travel when you lose hours.
Coffea 30c – if you’re still wired after a day or two.

Car/travel sickness

Borax 30:  worse from downward motion, i.e., landing
Nux Vomica: with retching; salivation; irritability; like food poisoning
Cocculus 30:  dizzy with nausea;  worse from fresh air and movement; need to lie down
Tabacum 30: deathly nausea; pale; better fresh air; cold sweat (how one feels smoking one’s first cigarette!)
Petroleum 30: worse fresh air; not dizzy; empty feeling in stomach and a headache.

Food Poisoning/Tummy Bugs

Arsenicum Album 30:  nervous that you ate something that will kill you.  Diahrea and vomiting; fear of being left alone; sipping hot drinks
Nux Vomica 30:  travel constipation; hangover; food poisoning with cramping and desire for hot drinks.  Ailments after too much spicy food; overindulgence. Irritable.

Sue Anello CCH is a board-certified homeopathic practitioner and educator based in New York City, who’s found a unique way to combine her love of Rock & Roll and healing over the last two decades.
Trained in the United Kingdom, Sue’s background was in the music business where she worked for CBS Records and then EMI in both New York and London.  After leaving EMI, Sue spent five years as the celebrity wrangler in the PR department at the International Headquarters of Oxfam in Oxford, England, before ultimately turning to Homeopathy full-time in 1999.
If you’re a person on the road who needs support – Sue may be just the person you’ve been looking for.


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