GIRLSCHOOL is a Celebration of Women Challenging the Status Quo.


A few years ago Anna Bullbrook, (Airborne Toxic Event and The Bulls) volunteered at the Los Angeles Girls Rock Camp and had a “ mind-bending experience of seeing women use rock’n’roll to encourage young girls to take risks, grow, and be more themselves in a really utopic, positive, and very thoughtful all-female environment. The experience changed my brain. The relief of connecting to a community of positive and pro-active musical women hit me like a wave”. Once Anna got a taste of what she calls “Utopia” she knew she had to do something to keep that feeling of community alive and continue to grow it, and so she started GIRLSCHOOL (This is why SoundGirls was founded).

GIRLSCHOOL is a music festival that celebrates women-identified-fronted bands and women artists. After spending a decade as a “sideman” in the alternative rock world, where you don’t see a lot of other women around—onstage or on your crew—I started to miss and crave the camaraderie of women. I mean, growing up in classical land, I saw women players everywhere and had a million girlfriends who also played instruments. It wasn’t this segregated thing.

With GIRLSCHOOL 2017 Anna did create a weekend of “Utopia.”

With a production crew of all-women sound engineers, production designers, and lighting designers GIRLSCHOOL 2017 Festival featured; Chelsea Wolfe, The Bird and the Bee, Francisca Valenzuela (acoustic), Deap Vally, The Regrettes, Rituals of Mine, Summer Twins, Vox, Luna Shadows, KONA, Boyfriend, Pearl Charles, The Wild Reeds, Winter, Liphemra, Trace, Caroline Smith, Kid Wave, Starcrawler, Soto Voce, and DJ sets from Tamaryn, Mereki’s Club House, Bleached, Honey Power, Val Fleury, Linafornia, and Play Like A Girl.

The festival also included afternoon panels discussions and workshops with; Ruidosa, SoundGirls, Music for Pictures (Alicen Schneider, NBCUniversal), Own Your Own Voice (Kiran Gandhi), Women in Media (Andrea Domanick, Noisey), Women in Music (Jasmine Lywen-Dill, GIRLSCHOOL Co-Founder/WBR), Queer & Trans* Women Discussion on Sexualization and Media (Dannielle Owens-Reid), Radical Aliveness (Jennifer Huang), Ableton Controllerism (Laura “Alluxe” Escudé), Intersectional Feminism in Music (Mukta Mohan, MTV/KXLU), and Rock’n’Roll Camp for Girls LA.

Anna has big plans for GIRLSCHOOL in 2018 with plans to bring the festival to other cities (stay tuned) and providing year-round programming. SoundGirls had such a great time being involved with GIRLSCHOOL last year, and we are eagerly looking forward to 2018. Check out last year’s scene report.

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