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I have always been a part of music and performing. When I was accepted into an internship program for audio engineering at a recording studio, I jumped at the opportunity believing it was my chance for getting my foot in the door. That was at the start of 2020, and so much has happened since then both in my career and in the world. Since then, I have taken several opportunities to work at recording studios, concerts, festivals, and even large theatres while spending some time on tour. My favorite by far though has been the chance to work on Broadways, as this was a dream come true for me. Now writing for SoundGirls, I get to share these experiences that I have encountered and the ones yet to be done through the often unheard perspective of being a woman in the music and entertainment industry.

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Do you remember the movie Planes, Trains, And Automobiles? Traveling has lately felt more and more like this movie. For those...
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