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Arica Rust Arica Rust is a live sound engineer specializing in systems engineering. She currently freelances under her company Wavelength Engineering and works with companies such as Solotech, Sound On Stage, Creative Technology, and more. Her experience ranges a diverse clientele from touring with artists such as Seventeen, Sarah McLachlan, and Hillsong United among others to high-profile corporate events for companies such as IBM, Oracle, and Salesforce. Recently she has been getting more involved with education in audio, and also is an Ambassador for L-Acoustics Creations. For more information, please check out her website.

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Three digital audio consoles walk into a festival/bar and put in their drink orders. The bartender/front-end processor says, “You can order...
There Really Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch: Using The Scientific Method in Assessment of System Optimization. "It is the...
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