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Arica Rust Arica Rust is a live sound engineer specializing in systems engineering. She currently freelances under her company Wavelength Engineering and works with companies such as Solotech, Sound On Stage, Creative Technology, and more. Her experience ranges a diverse clientele from touring with artists such as Seventeen, Sarah McLachlan, and Hillsong United among others to high-profile corporate events for companies such as IBM, Oracle, and Salesforce. Recently she has been getting more involved with education in audio, and also is an Ambassador for L-Acoustics Creations. For more information, please check out her website.

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A long-time favorite application among engineers of the RTA has been for identifying frequency values for audible problems like feedback. Yet...
Understanding Phase Relationships in Constructive and Destructive Interferences
Across my social media feeds, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and everyone in between, were all sharing updates of how they had to...
The use of FIR filters (or finite impulse response filters) has grown in popularity in the live sound world as digital...
Have you ever stood outside when it has been snowing and noticed that it feels “quieter” than normal? Have you ever...
The Beauty Lies In The Fractals - A Story by Arica Rust
A basic understanding of what is a network and how we can create and connect to a network.
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