SoundGirls Spotlight

Victoria Cordero

Mix Engineer - Vocal Producer

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Santiago, Chile

How did you become a producer/sound engineer?
I started in a shy way co-producing music from the bands I was playing in, then I started working as a recording assistant, after that I produced my first solo EP (Atemporal by Circulo Polar) in 2015 and from then on I built my confidence enough to work with other artists in the studio.

What advice would you give students either going into school or just graduating about getting a job in this industry?
Don’t rush, it takes some time to get there but it’s worth it. Don’t work with people that make you feel unsafe, insecure, or not enough. Be patient with your own learning process.  If something feels right while you’re mixing or producing, keep going through it, even if it doesn’t feel like the “industry standards”. Consider working for a few months/years to be able to pay for your gear so you’re independent of others. Enjoy the ride!!!

What are the major qualities required to be a good sound engineer in your opinion?
I think technical knowledge about consoles, plugins, and sound, in general, makes you work faster, so you can focus on creativity. In my opinion, being kind and keeping in mind that as engineers we’re at the service of art and it’s not about “numbers”, but human experiences have worked pretty well.

What is your recording/producing philosophy?
Connect with a song and the artist as much as you can.

What producers/engineers inspire/inspired you?
Susan Rogers, Sylvia Massy, Sheryl Crow, Linda Perry, Suzanne Ciani, Maria Elisa Ayerbe, St. Vincent, M.I.A., Missy Elliott, Marcella Araica

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