The Rise of Audio Branding 


Music has always been a fundamental part of advertising, whether we are aware of it or not.

From car ads grabbing our attention with upbeat pop songs to the instantly recognizable short jingles created by the likes of McDonald’s and Microsoft. Audio branding is essential to creating a catchy advertisement.

In today’s world, the business of audio branding is expanding with the likes of Facebook and YouTube ads continuing to grow meaning there is more opportunities to get involved than ever before.

So here are some points on why audio branding is a good idea.

Music and Memory

Music has a significant connection with memory allowing people to easily recall short jingles and phrases of music. Hearing also has a more powerful connection than sight within the brain allowing a more emotional response to hearing certain sounds rather than seeing.

It Gives a Brand Identity 

It provides a musical phrase that can be repeated in a number of different advertisements allowing your brand to be easily identified by its sound.

Creating Trust

Repeating a certain sound or jingle allows a brand to be easily identifiable and therefore becomes familiar to a customer. The act of consistency within a business is key to customers trusting the company and products. So, by creating a sonic experience, you can develop a customer’s trust by exposing them to something familiar every time they visit your brand.

Overall there are a lot of positive aspects to audio branding and creating a recognizable sound or jingle for a brand. For musicians and producers, this can potentially mean more work and it allows another outlet for creativity.

With its ability to impact customers, audio branding is here to stay.

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