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Boom Box Post turned six at the end of August and over these six years, we have written a handful of blog posts. For both our new and OG readers, we thought it would be helpful to round up a list of posts that feature free resources. During this turbulent time of COVID-19, we definitely recommend taking advantage of these awesome tools!

Best Free Apps To Use For Audio

In this blog post, Office Manager / Assistant Sound Editor Sam Busekrus lists a number of free audio apps recommended by our Boom Box Post editors. Give it a read!

Found Audio On The Fly

In this post, Boom Box Post-co-owner Jeff Shiffman provides some tips on how to use your phone when recording audio on the fly!

“As sound people, sometimes we hear something so unique we just have to capture it. A lot of sound designers (myself included) carry around mini recorders for just such an occasion. But we can’t always be prepared. There are moments when you need to capture a sound in an instant. Like if a bird with a crazy call lands on an open window. We don’t always have professional recording gear at hand. Most of us however do have a cell phone nearby.”

Valhalla Freq Echo

Valhalla Freq Echo is a free plugin for both Mac and Windows made by Valhalla DSP. This plugin allows you to add delay emulation as well as target specific frequencies to modulate. Check out this awesome blog post written by editor Ian Howard to get a rundown of what this plugin can really do!

Chip Tone

In this next blog post, supervising sound editor Tess Fournier walks us through the free web-based sound design tool Chiptone. Check it out!


According to sound effects editor Katie Maynard, it’s easy to fall into the habit of working so often that you forget to practice and develop your skills on your own time. For anyone in the audio field, this might be ear training. In this blog post, Katie explores the online ear training program SoundGym. This is a fun one!

Chrome Extensions For Staying Organized

This next blog post is not audio-related but still super helpful! This post highlights 5 Google Chrome extensions we recommend to help you stay organized. Written by Studio Manager / Assistant Sound Editor Tim Vindigni, we recommend checking this one out for those looking to up their organization skills!

Top 10 Internet Resources For Sound Designers

Finally, in this blog post Boom Box Post-co-owner Kate Finan lists her absolute favorite online resources for sound designers. These resources span the breadth of online content from sound effects library downloads, technical support forums, mixing videos, and even mini-documentaries to keep you current on the latest movie sound design trends. Some of the free resources featured in this post include Designing Sound, Gear Space Pro Audio Forum, Soundworks, and Avid Video Blog Series. This is a good one!


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