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M.J. Young is a sound engineer who’s active all around Pennsylvania, with most of their work done in Hershey, Harrisburg, Selinsgrove, and Allentown. They are a recent graduate of Susquehanna University, and are chronicling their struggles with gender identity as a nonbinary individual in a male-dominated field. M.J. is excited to begin work soon at the Civic Theatre of Allentown, and would like to thank SoundGirls for allowing them a platform to discuss inequality in the workplace. To check out their portfolio and resume, head over to their website.

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“Oh, I just love working in a hostile sexist workplace, don’t you?” to my male A.V. coworker. He looked at me...
My entire A.V. team consists of men, with one exception. Since my transfem coworker quit, there’s only myself and one woman...
If my cis male coworkers couldn’t understand a binary trans person’s experience enough to respect her identity, how on earth could...
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