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Grace Usleman is a recent graduate earning a B.A. in Audio Engineering complemented by minors in Voice Performance and Music Business. Her primary focus centers on post-production audio, specializing in Foley art. Commuting between Austin, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee, Grace has accrued an array of professional experiences, serving as an assistant live sound engineer, a Foley artist and recordist, an ADR editor, and a podcaster. Her blog encompasses a wide spectrum, ranging from personal anecdotes and acquired wisdom to in-depth explorations of her favored audio-related subjects. In her post-academic journey, Grace aspires to chronicle her experiences, offering insights and inspiration, and contributing a valuable resource that both aids and motivates other young people in their own audio journeys. You can learn more about Grace at her website,

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Let me elaborate. I believe our inability to follow our dreams might lie in the fact that we are too attached...
Amidst my post-graduate pursuit of a career in audio, I was recently allowed to act as a short-term educator at St....
Landing your first post-grad job in the audio industry can feel overwhelming. Despite the plethora of advice from seasoned professionals, recruiters,...
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