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Elizabeth’s blog focuses on the transition from college into the audio industry and finding jobs post-college. She is a student getting her bachelor of arts degree in theatre currently in her final semester. A theatrical sound designer and audio engineer, Elizabeth will be entering the field in May after her graduation. She has sound-designed many theatrical productions and is also a live mixer for musicals who looks forward to sharing her journey in the industry with other women.

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I am going to list and summarize my roles as a senior sound student in my undergrad both fall and spring...
I graduated in May from college with my bachelor’s degree in Theatre so that is super exciting! I decided to stay...
I was insanely nervous! I thought who would want to fly someone like me out to a different state for a...
The point of this blog post is that I believe the right job will come. There were other interviews in between...
Looking for jobs in this industry is absolutely terrifying. You are not alone. Even if it feels like it.
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