Back On The Road


I finally had the chance to get back to touring, albeit a very quick one. A last-minute call to jump onto a tour for a couple of weeks.

The first day was strange, mainly just being at an airport, being around so many people (there were a lot of people at LAX), and being on a plane. I landed to a text telling me the next day’s show was canceled. Good start! We were near the east coast and a tropical storm/hurricane was wreaking havoc. This was the story for most of my time on this tour. A show canceled, two days of rain on mobile stages, a show stopped halfway through the set for lightning strikes followed by the audience being evacuated to safety. And of course the constant threat of COVID/delta variant.

The touring side of it has been pretty smooth with everyone respecting the protocols; testing multiple times during the tour, wearing masks almost all of the time, no guests backstage for the most part (if you were backstage, you had to have a rapid test). We had to wear masks anytime we were indoors and anytime local crew/anyone, not in our bubble was around us. If we were outside and on stage with just our band and crew, we could take the masks off. This seemed to work really well. At times it was pretty rough having to wear a mask in the intense heat and humidity, but I know a lot of people have had to do this for a very long time so it’s a small sacrifice to be able to get back to work.

It’s crazy to think that people still don’t want to wear masks where it’s enforced. It literally affects our livelihoods and their enjoyment of events. If the band or crew catches it, the tour stops, they quarantine and the show does not go on. Everyone should be super grateful for those willing to risk their health to put on a show for the fans. I know I am.

Now I’m back home and back to triathlon training. Two very different worlds! No sudden weather events, no health scares. When all is said and done, however, it was good to be back!

On a side note, if anyone is curious how I transitioned my training whilst on the road (as I am currently in the middle of a rigorous Ironman training plan), I asked my coach what the best thing to do was and she said:

When you are away, it will depend on the facilities and the time you have available. It’s probably not worth trying to do a bad version of your programmed training riding on an old gym bike. It might help you maintain your fitness, but it won’t grow it.

The best approach is to do what you can, but don’t stress about it. Aim to complete your planned runs, and you can add a couple of short easy runs if you have the time (and energy). Add more than that, and on top of all the time on your feet in what sounds like a tough working situation will put you at risk of injury. Adding core strength and flexibility in the gym is likely to be more beneficial.

Don’t worry, you can get back into training properly on your return.

I think flexibility is the key for touring at the what you can and try to enjoy it. With the COVID protocols, I did a lot of hotel room bodyweight workouts (squats, planks, etc). You really only need a mat/towel and maybe a footrest (see photos!) It’s also been super key to continue to make healthy choices where possible. If it is within your control, choose healthy (smoothies and oatmeal, anyone?), if not, post-show pizza will have to do!! Hey.. sometimes you gotta live a little.

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