An introduction to FlexPitch in Logic Pro X

A great way to make your vocals stand out is to make sure each note is in pitch and the volume is consistent throughout. A simple and inexpensive way of doing this is by using Logic Pro X’s built-in Flex Pitch and Time.

To start with click on the show/hide flex when your vocal is opened.

Once you’ve enabled Flex you want to select Flex Pitch from the list of options.

Once this has been selected you will now see the vocal take appear as a range of blue rectangles which corresponds with the note being sung or played. To make sure the note is in perfect pitch double click on the blue rectangle. If you want to make sure multiple notes are tuned at the same time highlight multiple sections and double click on a note.

With Flex Pitch you not only can adjust the pitch of a note but its Gain, Vibrato and Pitch Drift. You can do this by hovering the mouse over a note and dragging up or down on one of the circles that appear above and below the note.

The Gain adjustment in particular is a useful tool. For instance, if there is a note/word that is quieter in a phrase than the others you can easily adjust the gain to make that particular note louder.  See examples below.

Once you have tuned your vocal to your particular taste, hopefully, you will now be able to hear a smoother, more in tune vocal performance. Flex Pitch is a great tool if you have limited time to record perfect vocals but still want that precision in the take.



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