I want to be a Sound Engineer. How do I get started? Some suggestions on how to find your way into the business

What does a Sound Engineer Do? Various jobs in audio engineering

Lessons In Live Sound Are you interested in Live Sound or just getting started? SoundGirls.Org will introduce you to the basics. We’re featuring a series of videos and lessons created by member Barbara Adams.

Ear Training Tip Insert a Spectrum Analyzer across your computer audio-Tutorial

Frequency Training Program A handy little program for learning how different frequencies affect musical program material.

Stage Plot Software and Apps

Hot for Teacher – Robert Scovill What kind of training do I need? Where can I learn to operate one of those? Can you recommend any books on live sound? Are there any schools that teach this?

Educational Programs Here you’ll find list of schools that offer programs in audio engineering/music production as well as seminars and training for continuing your education. This list is not exhaustive and continually growing.

Upcoming Audio Courses, Training and Seminars Check out programs and training starting soon

Related Websites Here you will find a list of other sites based around professional audio.

Scholarships Resources on finding and applying for scholarships

Recommended Reading A collection of books to get you started