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What’s Most Important: The Career & Influences Of Monitor Engineer Whitney Olpin

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Avoiding Feedback

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Techniques for System and Wedge EQ

Using psychoacoustics in IEM mixing and the technology that takes it to the next level

Noted monitor engineer and mentor/educator Karrie Keyes, in profile.

Road Warriors – Stories From The Touring Women Who Keep The Music Sounding Sweet

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Meet The Woman Who’s Been Pearl Jam’s Sound Engineer For 24 Years


Avid S6L Videos with Robert Scovill

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All Things RF

RF Venue Blog Finding signal in the noise. RF Spectrum, wireless audio, and more.

Five Wireless Microphone Mistakes That Are as Common as They Are Avoidable

Common Sources of Interference

How to Take Control of Your Wireless Microphones

Common wireless system mistakes can lead to intermodulation products that cause RF interference

Digital Video Broadcast-Terrestrial and Wireless Microphones

RF Tools

Sennheiser Wireless Systems Manager

International Frequency Advisor

Shure Online tools and downloadable aids for Shure wireless equipment and applications.

Audio Technica Using Wireless Systems

Managing the Stage: Stage Plots, Input Lists, Stage Patch

List of Apps and Software for Designing Stage Plots

How to Create a Stage Plot and Input List