Travel Grant Awarded to Kaitie Sly

SoundGirls and Leslie Gaston-Bird are excited to award Kaitie Sly a travel grant to speak on “Research Creation using Infrasonic and Ultrasonic Sound” at the 2019 Hawaii University International Conferences on STEM/STEAM and Education to be held from Wednesday, June 5 to Friday, June 7, 2019. She was selected to present through a double-blind-peer review.

Kaitie believes “It is important for me to attend this conference, as well as other conferences precisely for the same reason that this SoundGirls – Gaston-Bird Travel Fund exists: to increase the presence of women at conferences. As the ONLY female in my master’s program in Music Technology, I have felt the effects first hand of being a woman and having to navigate in a male-dominated world. Moreover, as a professional bassist, I have also experienced this problem. I hope to inspire and motivate other women to pursue their dreams in audio related fields and not to get discouraged by the overwhelming presence of men. This conference is also important for my own career, as I aspire to pursue Ph.D. studies after I am finished my masters, and having presentations at conferences will help to launch my career forward. I also wish to share my research with others, network and collaborate with like-minded individuals so that I may continue to educate, inspire and spread knowledge.

You can apply for a grant or make a tax-deductible donation  SoundGirls – Gaston-Bird Travel Fund