SoundGirls Launches Initiative for Members Working in Production Sound

Film is one of the most powerful forms of media in our society.  Historically, it has been controlled by a specific privileged group of people, but now is a critical moment of change in human culture.  More and more it is recognized that diversity of thought would create a healthier society and world. For this to be accomplished, we need diversity among the people who produce films.

SoundGirls is on the front line of this change. Fewer than 5% of sound professionals are women, and SoundGirls works to increase that percentage.  Starting in 2013, as a grassroots organization for women working in audio and we have grown into an international organization with over 6,000 members and chapters worldwide.

One of the barriers for women and non-binary people entering this field is access to work-experience and mentors. Last year, SoundGirls Productions was launched to proactively create employment and mentoring for women, non-binary people, and marginalized groups in sound.  We provide sound services and work-experience for live events in the Los Angeles area. This initiative will not fall under SoundGirls Productions, but under the mission of SoundGirls, and will provide members wanting to work in the film industry real-world experiences working on film shoots.  To further these aims, we are gathering a pool of location-sound gear that members can borrow to work on film shoots to gain valueable work-experience.

It is our hope to find audio manufacturers and members who support our mission and will sponsor SoundGirls by donating gear.  We need industry-standard microphones, mixer/recorders, and wireless lavs, as well as boom poles, bags, cables, timecode devices, and accessories. Soundgirls is a non-profit organization, and donations are tax deductible.

If your company would like to donate, please get in touch with us, and we will coordinate shipping and invoicing.  Your donation will be put to good use and greatly appreciated.

The SoundGirls Team

Equipment List

We are happy to accept b-stock, demo units, used equipment, or monetary donations




Sound Devices


DPA Microphones




Windscreens / Shock Mounts



Other Gear