Ask The Experts – House of Worship

​Working Audio in House of Worship presents some challenges that are different from working in studios and live events in clubs, theatres, arenas and stadiums.​ Great live sound requires careful planning, the right gear, paying attention, and making the right decisions. This certainly comes into play at complex church services.

What differentiates church programs from concerts and festivals is that a service can be like a whole festival in one act. Very often, church services also entail multiple audio configurations, with all of the variations of music and presenters, the service needs to be planned and executed with the precision of a live TV variety show and they pull it off seamlessly.

Join us for Ask the Experts – Mixing in House of Worship. This your opportunity to get your questions answered about working in House of Worship, with Samantha Potter, Brian Maddox, Beckie Campbell, and Issac Moreno.

August 21 at 11 AM PDT – Register and Post Questions Here

Moderated Samantha Potter

Samantha is an audio engineer and an editor for ProSoundWeb with a passion for writing and educating. Additionally, she serves as the “Install Empress” for Allen & Heath USA, helping to merge the live sound solutions we all love into the commercial and install space.
Growing up as a musician, Samantha found her way to live sound by way of the studio, proving that bassists make the best sound engineers. The host of the Church Sound Podcast and a co-director and leader instructor for Church Sound University, Samantha can often be found teaching, writing, and hosting discussions on various live-sound topics.

Panelists Include

Brian Maddox

Brian Maddox (Patti LaBelle, James Brown, Herbie Hancock), a pro audio veteran with enough experience to fill several books.  With over 25 years experience working in the live audio production industry. Skilled in both Sound Reinforcement and Broadcast arenas. Proficiency in System Design, A1, A2, RF Tech, and Comms Tech including Matrix and RF Comms systems.

Beckie Campbell

Beckie is the successful owner of B4Media Production LLC. As a business owner of a growing production company, she Produces corporate events, festivals, and live shows all over the US, as well as manages crews, trains employees, and runs sound. She freelances as an A1 for several corporate organizations such as the City of Orlando and PennellChing Development. As a PM, Monitor, and FOH Engineer her expertise is in audio, but she has also taught Audio Visual Technologies/Sports Broadcasting and several other courses around Florida for various companies and schools. As an accomplished Production Manager, FOH and Monitor engineer she has helped train and grow crews for several theaters, live events, and houses of worship. All while touring as a FOH Engineer for major acts like the Indigo Girls and the Commodores.

Early in her career, she was a Technical Director/FOH Engineer for two Mega Churches in Florida where she got her feet wet in audio, video, and lighting. Her skill set is easily transferable to any of the three areas.

Beckie is passionate about live events and making sure the next generation learns the proper way to make an event excellent. In her leisure time, she can be found cooking, relaxing at the beach with an ice-cold beverage, watching a live performance, or kayaking. She loves to hang with her nieces and nephews and teach them fun crafts, the difference between stage left and stage right, and how to make goofy faces. Beckie is the Co-Director of the Orlando SoundGirls Chapter and with Susan Williams started the SoundGirls Podcast.

Isaac Moreno

Isaac has been working in the audio industry for over 29 yrs. In that time he has worked with many Christian touring bands like: Seventhday Slumber, StellarKart, KJ52, Manafest, The Letter Black, Wolves at the Gate, Lynda Randle, Michael Tait, Superchick just to name a few.

He also operates a studio where he mixes and masters albums and he has worked with clients such as LucasFilm, Disney, Marvel, WarnerBrothers, DreamWorks for either videogames, animations, or film. When he is not touring or in the studio, he is in church producing and running audio for services. He has also started teaching production to local churches to help his community succeed in producing better content.