Women in the Mix Survey

The Recording Academy, Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship, and Arizona State University have joined forces to continue studying the roles and realities of women and gender-expansive people working in the American music industry through the Women In the Mix Survey.

Building upon baseline results from data(opens in a new tab) collected by Berklee and Women in Music in 2018, the goal of this follow-up survey is to help inform Diversity, Equity & Inclusion objectives and initiatives from within the Recording Academy, the industry at large, and the many advocacy groups that will reference and leverage the report in their own work. This survey will examine if progress has been made in the three years since the first survey. It will also examine where continued work is needed, include expanded gender identities, further explore pathways into the industry, and take a deeper look at creatives and music makers.

We know how powerful data can be. Our goal is to get the most comprehensive snapshot of where the industry is so that a course can be charted to where it needs to be. We will listen to a broad and inclusive set of people identifying as women and gender-expansive people working in the industry. Much of the data currently available to us which studies these marginalized groups is mined from sources that either assume a certain threshold of success and visibility or doesn’t exist in the first place.

How Can You Help?

If you identify as a woman or a gender-expansive individual, please take the survey. It will take roughly 10 minutes of your time to complete.

Share the survey with your communities and ask them to take it. We know the power of personal influence. You can help us gather crucial respondents which will lead to a more complete and robust data set.