Women in Audio Articles & Interviews

Suzanne Ciani Women in Sound

Jess Fenton, Producer/Engineer/Mixer at Fenton Music Productions

At home with Sheryl Crow, a widely beloved, and wildly underappreciated, rock star

Atlantic Records’ Recording Engineer, Ebonie Smith, Talks Amplifying the Music Industry

Sharing The Long Road: The Career Of Claudia Engelhart & Inside Her Unique Partnership With Artist Bill Frisell

Craft Profile: Jeri Palumbo

You lift with your mind, not with your muscles’: female sound engineers on working in audio

What’s Most Important: The Career & Influences Of Monitor Engineer Whitney Olpin

Mastering for Vinyl: Tips for Digital Mastering Engineers

Mastering for Vinyl: Conversations With the Pros

Subtractive EQ: A Mastering Engineer’s Not-So-Secret Weapon

Rhiannon Mair: Well Engineered

Communication skills: mastering engineer vs. automated mastering services

The Right Balance: The Diverse Career And Life Of Grace Royse

Bryony October Touring Engineer

Who’s helping womxn into sound?

International Women’s Day: Meet the women shaping the future of music

International Women’s Day 2019 – 9 Women in Music Tech (WoMuTe) Heroes

Behind the console: women working in audio and changing the game

Women in Audio – A Celebration of International Women’s Day

Behind the console: women working in audio and changing the game

Driven To Excellence: Inside The World Of Multifaceted Audio Professional Rebecca Wilson

2019 Grammys: Women behind the music

Bohemian Rhapsody: First Oscars night for sound editor Nina Hartstone


We Need Women To Break Through The Glass Ceiling In Music Production To EQ The Gender Imbalance

The Most Historic Grammy Win Just Happened

For every 47 music producers who are men, there is 1 woman

The Grammys Celebrated Women. So, What’s Next?

A day in the life of Emily Lazar, Grammy-winning mastering engineer

St. Vincent on How to Empower More Women in the Music Business

These Women are Fixing the Gender Problem in Music Tech

Why we need campaigns like Red Bull Studios’ Normal Not Novelty

Women in audio: Hear us roar

Jo Hutchins: Full Interview with PSN Europe for Women in Audio article

Darcy Proper on the changing perception of mastering in the industry

Preparing your music for mastering by Darcy Proper

Darcy Proper wins surround sound Grammy

Mandy Parnell Interview – A Master Of The Industry

Mandy Parnell: The Art of Mastering

Mandy Parnell: Mastering Audio

Mandy Parnell: Mastering Björk’s Biophilia

Piper Payne – Mastering Engineer

In the Spotlight… Sophia Hardman, Foley Mixer at Twickenham Studios

In Conversation with Emma Butt

Less than 5% of Audio Engineers are Women — This is My Story

Inventing The Future: The Trailblazing Technologies & Passions Of Jackie Green

Creative license is key’: Sound designer Kirsty Gillmore on producing theatre audio

Ebonie Smith Why are Female Producers Everywhere, Yes so Invisible?

Live Sound Engineer Amanda Davis: Forging A Fearless Career Path

In Profile: Passion For The Craft: The world of touring front of house engineer Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato.

Noted monitor engineer and mentor/educator Karrie Keyes, in profile.

30 Under 30 – Rachel Rozzi – Audio Tech

Meet The Woman Engineering Your Favorite South African Hip-Hop Releases

Grammy’s Take Note – Women in Music

Rhiannon Mair Interview – Multifaceted Music Production

Road Warriors – Stories From The Touring Women Who Keep The Music Sounding Sweet

Producer, songwriter, and gender diversity campaigner Carla Marie Williams

The Nine: Alesia Hendley

In the Studio with Sylvia Massy

Top Engineer Ann Mincieli Rules the NYC Music Scene with Her Jungle City Studios

Jeri Palumbo Thriving in the Hot Seat

Erica Richstad, Manager, Applications Engineering At Dolby

Why Aren’t There More Women Working in Audio? Like with many STEM-oriented fields, music production and sound engineering are dominated by men—though that’s very slowly changing

How Freelance sound designer Ana Monte captured the sounds of war in a conflict zone

Annette Cisneros – Working Behind Two Types of Desks – Offspring, Social Distortion, Alice in Chains

Behind the Scenes at NPR West

Jackie Green – VP of R&D/Engineering at Audio Technica

Where Are All the Women Producers? Here Are Five Famous Ones

Why are Female Record Producers So Rare

The Sound Girls of Brazil

Where are All the Women Record Producers

The Five Percent: Profiles on Women in Audio

Catherine Marks: Happy Accidents

Be Unstoppable: The Attitude and Skills Required to Find Success as a Touring Sound Engineer

Behind The Glass: An Interview with Producer/Engineer Trina Shoemaker

Meet Jane Tattersal: Sound Supervisor for Penny Dreadful

Meet Paula Fairfield Sound Designer on Game of Thrones

Sounds Like Success: Sudhish Kamath

Chez Stock: The Girl With The Audio Tattoo(s)

Front and Center: Women’s Audio Mission Founder, Terri Winston

Reflections on Production Sound, in the Company of Jan McLaughlin

Beethoven’s Ninth in 5.1 Leslie Ann Jones, Wolfgang Fraissinet, Mike Pappas and a Lot of Digital Mics

Lucy Johnstone – Sound Editor for Top Gear

In Profile: Beth Gladen – Sound Company Owner/Mix Engineer

Women in Audio: Becky Pell, Monitor Engineer, Yoga Teacher and Writer

If You Want To Be Somewhere, You’ve Got To Occupy It’: How Women Are Changing The Face Of Engineering And Producing

Behind the Console: 10 Sound Engineers Changing the Game

Meet 10 Incredible Women Running Your Favorite Musicians’ Shows

The Only Girl: the search for female sound engineers

How Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar Made Grammy History

Master blaster: the woman making Björk, Aphex Twin and Eno sound so good

Less is more’: Mastering engineer Katie Tavini talks studio techniques and stereotypes

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