The Podcaster’s Audio Handbook

Gives Women and Queer People the Tools to Tell Their  Own Stories 

Corey Marie Green wants to see more women and queer people telling their own stories through the medium of podcasting. As one of the approximately five percent of audio engineers who identifies as a woman, she’s only too aware of how intimidating it can be to enter male-dominated spaces to access the audio engineering information that is necessary to create a quality podcast. With The Podcaster’s Audio Handbook she has created a valuable resource that empowers women and queer people to take control of the technical side of podcasting.

At one time technical and scientific knowledge was considered purely rational and so divorced from other areas of life, resulting in a legacy of boring and inaccessible technical resources. The Podcaster’s Audio Handbook is the opposite of this – it’s both entertaining and accessible. Corey Marie Green has located audio engineering information within her experiences as a radio journalist. Women and queer readers will see themselves represented through every aspect of the book. She has written the book in plain English and illustrated her main points with cartoons. She also includes audio examples so that readers can learn to diagnose and repair common audio issues. The end result is a technical resource that caters to multiple types of learners and is inclusive to women and queer people regardless of their level of prior experience.

I wish I had this book when I first started podcasting! Who knew you could learn so much about how to sound great, and still be entertained along the way? Corey has created an easy-to-follow yet not at all patronising guide to all aspects of the art, delivered alongside amusing anecdotes and fun illustrations. After following her expert guidance I’ve changed the way I do things, even as a reasonably seasoned producer. Every new podcaster stands to gain a distinct advantage  with this fantastic resource.” – Sarah Steel, creator of the award-winning podcast Let’s Talk About  Sects 


The Podcaster’s Audio Handbook will be out through Apress on the 1st of November 2021. For interviews contact Corey at or 0438006092. For more  information please visit