SoundGirls Podcast Producer and Host Volunteers

Want to learn how to produce and host a podcast? This opportunity might be for you

We are looking for some passionate, dynamic hosts and co-hosts volunteers that would be interested in taking the reins of the SoundGirls Podcast this coming May.

Our vision with the SoundGirls Podcast is to pass it on to inspire and empower young women and girls in our field. SoundGirls that have a desire to build the best SG podcasts possible.

Do you love to talk to people about their lives and our industry? Do you have creative ideas you would love to do with a podcast? Do you desire to interview others and find out more about them? Do you have a passion to build the SoundGirls network, through discussions about diversity, inclusion, and sharing the tools to help the next generation of women in audio? Do you have interviewing experience and abilities?

What is expected

You will be scheduling your guests (we have a growing list), interviewing guests, producing a graphic for social media, and uploading each episode (after it is edited) to our podbean account. You may possibly do some light editing of the podcast too.

Time Commitment

Each interview takes about an hour to record. Editing can take up to three hours per episode, scheduling, posting, and graphic content can take up to three hours a week. Your time commitment is approx. 10 hours a week.

Gear needed

A great audio interface like (Focusrite, M-audio air, or SSL2+), a great vocal microphone (Shure Sm7B, Rode NT1, or whatever makes your voice sound amazing), a quiet room, a good pair of headphones, a pop filter, and squadcast recording software (we use squadcast to separately multitrack record interviews and each other). A DAW (ProTools, Audacity, Audition) for editing.

What you can expect

We will help you: We have streamlined a process that has helped keep us on track. We have systems in place and won’t throw you to the wolves. An ongoing schedule of guests, a google drive account, an SG Pod email, and templates for graphics, as well as a squadcast account and a podbean account. We will train you on how to make all these things work for you.

Training dates: March 1st, 2022 through May 1st, 2023 via Zoom

Your Start date: May 1st, 2022

This is a volunteer position and you will be working with two or three other podcast hosts, under the supervision and guidance of Beckie Campbell and Susan Williams, Katie Pagacz, our current and former podcast hosts. This volunteer position is a year-long commitment and you will train 2022 volunteers. The application deadline is Feb. 1, 2022.

Apply here

You can listen to the SoundGirls Podcast here