SoundGirls Dante Certification Level 1, 2, 3


Dates: November 12 & 13

Times 10:00 am to 5:00 PM

Rat Sound Systems

486 Constitution Ave, Camarillo, CA 93012

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The Dante Certification program provides an easy way for system designers, engineers and others in the industry to learn about Dante with in-depth training and promote their expertise. The certification program demonstrates your Dante proficiency to potential employers and clients.

Day 1 Dante Certification Level 1 & 2

10 am to 1 pm: Dante Level 1

1 pm to 2 pm: Lunch (food truck onsite for attendees to purchase lunch)

2 pm to 5 pm: Dante Level 2

Dante Certification Level 1 – Introduction to Dante

RU Credits: 2.0 CTS, Domain A

Level 1 certification tests proficiency of basic Dante audio networking concepts, and covers audio networking fundamentals, basic networking concepts, creating a small-scale Dante network, and using Dante Controller and Dante Virtual Soundcard.

Dante Certification Level 2 – Intermediate Dante Concepts

RU Credits: 2.0 CTS, Domains A & B or 2.0 CTS-D, Domain A

Level 2 Certification tests proficiency of intermediate Dante audio networking concepts, including Dante redundancy, clocking, latency and multicast.

Once Part A and Part B are both complete, you will be awarded your certificate for Dante Certification Level 2.

Day 2 Dante Level 3

10 am to 1 pm: Level 3

1 pm to 2 pm: Lunch (food truck onsite for attendees to purchase lunch)

2 pm to 5 pm: Level 3

Dante Certification Level 3 – Advanced Dante Concepts

RU Credits: 4.0 CTS or CTS-D

Level 3 certification is geared towards those who have already been using Dante, are are looking to create more advanced systems.