SoundGirls and L-Acoustics Announce Training Grants


SoundGirls and L-Acoustics are proud to announce three grants in support of SoundGirls’ mission to empower women in audio engineering. The grants (detailed below) provide access to the full-range of L-Acoustics training courses.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with SoundGirls on their mission to inspire and empower the next generation of women in audio,” explains Etienne Corteel, Director of Education and Scientific Outreach at L-Acoustics. “Through our dedication to innovation and product design excellence, we recognize the value of diversity in our industry and look forward to supporting grant recipients in developing their careers.” 

Prospective candidates must be members of SoundGirls and have until March 27, 2020 to submit their application. Winners will be announced April 7, 2020 and may use the grants to attend L-Acoustics training courses offered in 2020.  (Hotel accommodations are included. Grant recipients are responsible for any additional travel expenses).

L-Acoustics Training for 2020

Starter Grant: Apply Here

Level 1 Training: System Fundamentals & K Systems

System Fundamentals

An introduction to the elements shared by all L-Acoustics systems. This training day consists of two separate modules: Soundvision Basics and Drive System.

Soundvision Basics Module

Drive System Module

You must complete this training before you can attend any other modules.

K Systems 

(Scholarship recipient may choose two) 

These are system-specific training modules dedicated to one of our variable curvature WST systems. They include a half-day practical workshop.

Modules: K1, K2, Kara or Kiva II

Participants who successfully complete this training are considered System Technicians.

Advanced Grant: Apply Here

Level 2 Training: VCLS & LSC

In order to attend Level 2 training, participants must have achieved System Technician status (Level 1), or have the equivalent practical experience in implementing L-Acoustics systems.

This training offers advanced knowledge and practical methodologies for the design and optimization of L-Acoustics systems.

Participants learn to:

  • Understand system behaviors through applying basic physics concepts
  • Assess priorities and choices, given specific objectives and constraints
  • Ensure quality and consistency by utilizing L-Acoustics proprietary tools

Level 2 training modules are an essential step towards mastering L-Acoustics systems.

Variable Curvature Line Source (VCLS)

An in-depth focus on the variable curvature line source, including advanced design practice with Soundvision.

Module: Variable Curvature Line Source

Loudspeaker System Calibration (LSC)

This training covers methods and recommendations to calibrate a loudspeaker system. It includes practice with M1, the L-Acoustics tool for measurement and tuning.

Module: Loudspeaker System Calibration

L-ISA Grant: Apply Here

Three-Day L-ISA Training

*Grant recipient must have completed Level 1 training.

L-ISA Training

L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology combines powerful processing hardware, revolutionary software, and new sound design methods to enable multidimensional mixing and room enhancement that break the creative boundaries of conventional sound reinforcement and deliver unforgettable experiences. L-ISA technology redefines professional skills and interactions in live sound reinforcement projects.

L-ISA training includes:

  • All participants – How to manage an L-ISA project
  • System engineers – How to design, implement, calibrate, and operate an L-ISA loudspeaker system
  • Mixing engineers – How to prepare, encode, and mix an L-ISA show

Training Curriculum

L-ISA training is a three-day seminar that offers two different tracks: system and mixing.

Module: L-ISA Full-System Approach

Module: L-ISA Controller & Object-Based Mixing

Module: L-ISA Dynamic Mixing

Module: L-ISA Loudspeaker System Design (Only System Engineers)

Module: L-ISA Implementation & Calibration (Only System Engineers)

Module: L-ISA Mixing Workshop (Only Mixing Engineers)

Module: L-ISA Project Management & Workflow