Scholarships for Asian and Pacific Islander SoundGirls

SoundGirls is proud to announce a grant for Asian & Pacific Islander SoundGirls to attend the SoundGirls Virtual Conference, happening on December 4-5.

Grants are available to Asian and Pacific Islander SoundGirls residing outside of the United States where there is historically less access to educational opportunities in audio. Applications are now open until October 31st and grant recipients will be announced the first week of November.

Apply Here

We believe that diversity and representation are essential to any strategy for social or cultural change, and as music/audio is a driving force in those movements, it is vital for our community to continue to educate and empower all those who pursue a career in sound.

With this, we’re happy to announce that longtime SoundGirl, Jett Galindo, has generously donated five all-access passes to the 2-day virtual conference!

Jett Galindo is a Los Angeles-based Filipino mastering engineer & vinyl cutter who works at The Bakery, who continues to break molds within the audio engineering world, building upon the legacy left behind by her late mentor, mastering legend Doug Sax of The Mastering Lab. She’s worked with a diverse range of artists spanning various media from Barbra Streisand, Matt Bellamy, to Lena Raine (Minecraft OST) and the La La Land OST, just to name a few. She also serves as a contributing writer for various trade publications and organizations (iZotope’s LEARN portalWomen in SoundSoundGirls, etc.).

We thank Jett for continuing to contribute her efforts and energy as a leader in the audio community, helping to open a world of opportunities to young women everywhere.