Product Description

A Girls Guide to Doing Sound is a great reference for those starting out in Live Sound or want to gain a basic overview of working in music production. The guide includes 164 pages, with resources, audio 101, skills, and inspiration.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Concert Production

  • Concert Production Jobs
  • Typical Day Sheet
  • Production Tips
  • How to Coil Cable
  • Soldering
  • Common Terminology
  • People Skills

GroundBreaker – The First of the 5% Kathy Sander

Education and Career Development

  • What Type of Education Should I Pursue
  • But Do I Really Need to Go to School?
  • How to Get Started in Live Sound
  • How to Set Yourself Apart From the Competition
  • Tips on Writing Your Resume
  • It’s Time to Get that Job

The Next Generation – Mudhoney Inspires Career in Sound – Christina Moon

A Brief History of Concert Sound

  • Shea Stadium
  • Clair & Watkins
  • Amplifiers
  • Loudspeakers
  • Brief History of Consoles
  • Monitors
  • Line Arrays

GroundBreaker – Claudia Englehart – Attention to Detail

Different Jobs in Audio

  • FOH Engineer
  • Monitor Engineer
  • Sound Technician
  • Recording Engineer
  • Audio for Theater
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Broadcast Engineer
  • Post Production

The Next Generation – Fleetwood Mac Tours with the Next Generation of Women in Audio – Meg Temprio & Hope Stumeke

Basic Audio

  • Basic Audio Terminology
  • Signal Flow
  • Microphone Basics
  • Microphone Impedance
  • Microphone Frequency Response
  • Stage Wiring Basics

GroundBreaker – SkyWalker Studios – Leslie Ann Jones

Mixing Consoles

  • Analog & Digital Mixing Consoles
  • Which Console to Choose
  • How a Mixing Console Works

The Next Generation – Attitude is EverythingAmanda Davis

Digital Signal Processing

  • How DSP Works
  • Types of Audio Signal Processors
  • Common Types of DSP
  • Equalization
  • Types of EQ
  • Compressors/Limiters
  • Noise Gates

Audio Effects

GroundBreaker – A Walk in the Park – Magali Couturier


  • Wedges
  • IEMS
  • Mixing Monitors
  • Monitor Basics
  • Ringing out Monitors


  • System Testing
  • Building a Mix

Next Generation – Mr. SoundLady – Rachel Ryan

What You Need to Know – Resources

Tips From the Pros